Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

TICA world-class efficient centrifuge is produced under technology license by Carrier, with compressor components sharing the top technology from UTC (Carrier’s parent company) that is adopted in design and manufacture of aero engines, and homemade container with the latest ultra-effective heat transfer tube which greatly improves the unit efficiency.

The unit is environment friendly, highly reliable, energy-efficient and easy to install, applicable for multi-purpose air conditioning system, with technology being 20 years ahead of those from domestic counterparts.

It is produced under license by Carrier, with technology ahead of those from Chinese counterparts

Key components of compressor share the key technology from UTC that is adopted in design and manufacture of aero engines

Cone-shaped diffuser greatly improves the part load performance, unit efficiency and operation stability under part load

Semi-enclosed high-efficiency motor employs liquid refrigerant for spray cooling without dissipating much heat to the machine room, saving initial cost of cooling device in the machine room

Internationally accepted environmental HFC-134arefrigerant is used without destroying the atmospheric ozonosphere

Single-stage compression design reduces running parts and ensures high unit stability

Positive pressure design eliminates the need for exhaust device and simplifies the ventilation design of machine room

Clamp or flange is optional for connections in water chamber, facilitating field installation and operation by users

There is a variety of starting methods such as solid-state soft start, 10 kV direct start.

Cooling capacity range:


1055 kW ~ 5803 kW

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